Having worked as a chef in a high stress environment Mary-Jane Burns discovered that complementaries help her health & she no longer suffers form I.B.S

IMG_0400 Working as a chef in a high stress environment Mary-Jane was becoming ill & was struggling with workplace stress.Health challenges such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome & dyslexia was an additional challenge. Mary-Jane  started seeking answers to within the complementary health industry. She first trained as a Kinesiologist and has kept up her journey to find full heath.Mary-Jane has since trained as Dissolve and Resolve Emotions practitioner & Raindrop Technique aromatherapy massage practitioner.

Realising that she could help others in the way she had been helped led Mary-Jane stop working in the catering industry and become a full-time holistic health partitioner & to keep enhancing her skills through embarking on a range of specialist training to help people with complex health issues.

Mary-Jane offers a range of snack-sized therapies that can suit even the most time-starved client as well as more in depth one-to-one sessions.


Contact Mary-Jane by calling 07749931255

email maryjane.wellbeing@gmail.com