Liz Elliott –  CBP.

Liz Elliott is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner, Indian Head Massage Therapist & A Metamorphic Practitioner.

Liz loves the World of Wellbeing, We are what we eat, we become what we thing……  lots & lots of fab raw food .The possibilities are so endless. Healthy mind, Heathy body, Healthy Family….

Having been in the corporate world until she became a mother of 4 children, She has gained a lot of experience along the way & loved it so much she trained in the area of natural health to share her experiences with other families .

Healthy Family is the priority, early intervention is key, When you have a therapy with Liz she not only helps your symptoms ,You also leave with your self help techniques that you can use over & over again on all members of the family.

Liz offers therapies to your workforce family, Wellbeing evenings or Wellbeing Saturdays for your staff.

Liz is  delighted to offer the service of SNACK SIZED THERAPIES  at your office to fit into your Break and Lunchtimes for six or more staff. . Half hour to eat and the other half for the De-Stressing Therapy of your choice. Just imagine the relief of getting an Indian Head Massage on your lunch break !!!

At the Health and Wellbeing Company we provide Whole Healthcare , Your Whole Body,Mind and Soul , not just a collection of symptoms, disabilities or injuries that you have been labeled with. During a Body Talk Treatment we take into consideration past illnesses ,surgeries , infections ,stress & trauma both emotional and physical. These can all be hidden underneath and dormant making you feel unwell. Things that you have long forgotten about are still playing a huge part in how and why you feel like you do today.

Signature Indian Head Neck & Shoulder Massage.

Liz gives a very firm but smooth massage , some facia release that helps tight muscles to just let go & relax. She works your whole upper back, shoulders, neck,arms & hands. it is a very very successful way of dealing with stress caused by the constant stress of out computerised world on our eyes & neck & shoulders. She gives a lovely face massage that relieves eye strain & tension headaches . Clients comment they have never felt as relaxed in their lives.

Sometimes Liz combines this with the Metamorphic Technique which is a real stress buster. 

It is a very deep relaxation  that gives you space to think, headspace to sift through the stress & decide what really matters. excellent for enhancing sleep & again lovely as a stress busting Staff Wellbeing Day as it doesn’t mess up your make up !! From a family point of view it is great. children upset, had a bad day, baby wont sleep. it always does the job…

  Lymphatic Drainage Massage .

Massage of your Lymph system.. Your Lymphatic system is one of the drainage systems of your body. It is only moved along by muscle movement so you can imagine sitting at your desk all day how it gets compromised. A little massage in the right direction just helps it along , get the toxins moving & out thus boosting your immune system which is the corner stone to your Health & Wellbeing.

Help is at hand. WE ARE JUST A CALL AWAY.



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