Jimmy Smyth – DSW, ASW, SRN, RMN

Forty years experience working in the Health Service, mostly in the field of Mental Health.

I have two Professional Nursing Qualifications, one in Psychiatric Nursing and one in General Nursing. Also two Professional Social Work Qualifications and over twenty-five years experience, working as a Senior Social Worker/Team Leader, in the field of Mental Health.

My areas of expertise are: Counselling, Life Coaching, Mentoring, Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation. If you suffer from stress: low self-esteem: a lack of confidence: or if you have work: relationship: or health problems. I can help. I don’t bring you back through the trauma you have suffered but start by finding something positive in your life right now & explore possibilities to move forward with.

I am a Keynote Speaker and Published Author, with many  books in print: ‘Don’t Let The Health Service Kill You,’ and a number of children’s books & fiction books based on my experience .


Jimmy Smyth

Jimmy Smyth