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We aim to educate companies and individuals about the effects of stress and provided solutions for stress management. Stress is often put up with for two main reasons

1)There is a misconception that nothing or very little can be done when we are suffering from stress & no help for you or your staff

2) Not wanting to admit to been under pressures as it might be thought of as a sign of weakness.
Both of these reasons are incorrect.
We offer solutions that combine the best knowledge from conventional medicine and from complementary therapies
We don’t just access what is wrong, as we offer real solutions to rebuild  and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.
Happy healthy staff generate happy customers & make fewer mistakesBenefits of meditation in the work place

Why is it Important?
Because from a business perspective stress is not cost effective. Stress costs money due to productivity levels & correcting mistakes that are made when we are under to much pressure , staff sickness costs , poor working environment. On a personal level illness can develop due to stress up too 95% of symptoms/ illness are due to the physical effect of stress on the mind and body. Prevention costs you a lot less than the disruption ill Heath.
How Can We Help?
By providing custom made packages that can include solutions such as  – stress assessments( for the work place) & make sure your company is meeting its legal obligation. We also provide work shops, educational talks & holistic therapy treatments. Our proven methods can be provided in your work place or off premises. in a combination tailored you your needs and budget.