Metamorphic Technique

It’s unsettling when your mind flits from one stress to the next.It can affect your sleep, your ability to manage your time and even your relationships.Small tasks and setbacks seem insurmountable. Basically, your ability to cope is compromised.

Sadly, the Metamorphic Technique doesn’t involve any pretending to be a butterfly (we’re far too practical for that).

Instead, it very sensibly uses reflexology principles to touch specific areas of your feet, hands and head to calm your busy mind.It’s unsettling when your mind flits from one stress to the next.

What you can expect during the treatment: You’ll be fully clothed, but lying down on the treatment table (it’s comfy, don’t worry) or you can have a seated treatment.We will use a very light touch on your hands, feet and head.

Cost: £40

 Receiving a Metamorphic session involves a gentle touch on specific areas of your feet which represent the direction you are taking in the world on your hands which correspond to how you are handling your life and your ability to cope and your head which is your central communication and planning.Calming a busy mind & helping your  solutions to gently float to the surface.The therapy of choice if you feel stuck in life or are a crossroads and are undecided in which direction to take.

Transform your self

Transform your self