Lymphatic Drainage Massage,

Sitting at your desk all day, then driving home and maybe very little time for exercise.  Lymphatic circulation becomes sluggish and your feet and legs start to swell. Without a flowing lymph system fluid builds up and the body is unable to get rid of toxins and waste. When this is left in a sluggish state  it can cause  swelling, painful organs and joints  throughout the body. The white blood cells originate in bone marrow, control immune reactions, fight off viruses and cancer cells. White blood cells clear away the toxins before the lymphatic fluid returns to the blood stream.The lymphatic system has one disadvantage. It doesn’t have a pump like the cardio vascular system has the heart to do the hard work, The lymphatic systems pump is our muscle system and this is why exercise is so important. so no more sitting around, get moving!!!    

Book yourself a  lymphatic drainage deep  tissue massage  to give a helping hand to your weary body,boosting your Circulation and Immune Systems. Improving Mobility, Concentration and Overall health.