Dissolve & Resolve Emotions

Have you ever heard the phrase: “Reliving the moment”?

You probably do it all the time. You think of an event in your past and you’re immediately transported back in time to the second it happened, experiencing the emotions, thinking those thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think about your past without reacting?

Without having those (usually negative) feelings?

That’s what the Dissolve & Resolve Emotions (DARE) technique takes care of.

It gives you clarity, contentment and welcome detachment from those overwhelming emotions.

What you can expect during the treatment: You’ll be fully clothed, seated in a reclining massage chair (not lying down.) The oils we use are non-greasy (so you can go back to work if you need to.) There will be low music playing in the background and we won’t talk during the treatment (unless you want to.)

Cost: £80

What you can expect during the treatment: You’ll be lying down but fully clothed on a treatment table, wrapped up in a warm quilt. The session can last up to two hours. What it’s not: DARE is not hypnotherapy or regression therapy

We no longer have to complete the circle and cycle of past new opportunities and enjoy the journey. Start a new chapter of life, write on the clean page instead of fire fighting from the past.

DARE is a NEW clinical Practitioners tool that works with intuition and insights.Joy Wisdom the founder of DARE has recognised that people carry spiritual wounds and attachments. Trauma and emotional impacts are then imprinted on an energetic and cellular level.

We all have a past.The challenge is in knowing what we have done in it.We may remember some of the things we have done recently, but do we clearly remember it all?We say and do things everyday without knowing the consequences we are making for ourselves.What we do today is creating our future.

What we have created in the past is in our present. Whether we are aware of it or not, the things we have done, said and seen have impacted upon us today.The impacts have created our emotions, our likes and dislikes and our mental patterns.

Difficulties occur from the build up of trauma and events that have left us feeling out of control and vulnerable.Emotions cause mental and emotional patterns that penetrate our energetic fields with memories imprinted at a cellular and energetic level, that follows us through life.Life-after-life.

DARE is not hypnotherapy or regression.

DARE is an Integrated Intuitive practitioners course built around a combination of advanced clinical techniques that works on a Energetic, Spiritual, Cellular, Mental and Emotional level to clear out old patterns and behaviour beliefs. As we are all on our path of rejuvenation, it works with past and present to deal with Aquarian needs. Bringing a quick, effortless and effective resolve for client, clearing blockages and allowing the soul to move and grow.

The advantages of this treatment is many fold, as well as learning new techniques the student can jettison their own emotional issues, default patterns and triggers, clearing baggage through the ages in individual and group training 
Find the Solution
Using intuitive energetic techniques, we can put fragmented parts back missing from our lives,physically, emotionally and mentally. ‘By collecting the jig-saw parts of ourselves we feel whole again’
Client Testimonial
My good friend knew I wasn’t coping and ‘gifted’ me a treatment from Mary-Jane Burns at the https://www.facebook.com/healthandwellbeingcompany/…. I still can’t remember what it’s called but it’s two hours long and something to do with emotional release, not the kind that gets you weeping and wailing, but the kind that helps you to let go without fuss. Even though I’m a Reiki Master myself I’m always a bit sceptical of these treatments especially as I spent a lot of money on complimentary therapy when I was first diagnosed with ME. However I did notice a difference after the treatment. I stopped crying every day, which I was doing, several times a day. A couple of other changes too and those close to me noticed the changes. Anyway another friend offered to pay for another treatment (I don’t have an income, I think people think I’m rich sometimes lol) to see how it went. I had that yesterday. Today I went shopping for sensible shoes and bought some silver patent trainers. (Mid birthday treat)I wanted some customised jeans but couldn’t afford them so came home with plans to customise my own. Now the significance of that is the fact I didn’t buy rubbish non descript slip ons from Shoe Zone and the fact I want to make an effort with my clothes. You never know, I might try and lose weight next but one step at a time. Thoroughly recommend the treatment.
Debbie Deboo