Introduction to Body Talk.

Body Talk is a Whole Health Care Model is designed to cover all aspects of you.

We don’t just look at the symptoms you have been diagnosed with , We consider your Emotional, Physical and Environmental Wellbeing. Past Surgeries, Past Injuries & Traumas 

Re balancing & re booting vital energy systems such as Meridian and Chakra Energy Systems. Balancing all aspects of the  Organs, Endocrine & Body Parts to communicate and work harmoniously together.

Through neuromuscular biofeedback the body highlights the priorities that are not communicating and functioning correctly and are out of balance with the rest if the body.By doing this we can use techniques within the BodyTalk system to get everything working together again. 

A very common one is Essential General Balancing of Your Stress Level Switching Mechanism, When stress levels reach a certain point the body just says “can’t take any more”  It switches and suddenly you can’t go any further, you can’t make decisions, You don’t know where to turn and you end up achieving very little if anything at all. This is a very simple technique that makes such a massive difference. This is just one very small example.

Body Talk is very effective , clinical experience has shown that once overall systems are balanced through BodyTalk ,clients exhibited significant  improvement in  Digestive Disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Learning Disorders, Stress, Viruses, Infections, Allergies, Headaches, Back & Joint Pain. The BodyTalk practitioner is just highlighting what is most urgent and the body resynchronising  to return itself into balance. 



I called to my friend Liz on my way home from a very busy day at work. I felt so exhausted , More work to do when I got home, An essay to have finished for handing in on Monday morning, heading home to a young family, just felt I couldn’t go another inch. 

Liz very kindly just did some BodyTalk Access, Tapped out my Cortices,and did the Stress Switching Technique for me. Posted me home with a lovely Raw Broccoli salad for my tea. 

Well what a big change, I got my essay written, got all my cleaning done and still felt full of energy. 

Thank you very much,