Stress: The Silent Killer


Stress is one of the most dangerous enemies that you are likely to meet in this life; and what makes it even more dangerous, is the fact that it has become like an epidemic mental disorder that is spreading amongst people everywhere. Although it isn’t known, or identified as a disease, it is true to say that too much stress can trigger numerous dangerous diseases; such: cancer, stroke, heart attack, anxiety and depression; to name but a few. Do you know that the daily stress we have become accustomed to could be doing serious and permanent damage to our health? According to doctors, stress contributes to ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, menstrual disorders, and high blood pressure. In addition to physical disorders stress can lead to mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, panic disorders, and of course the illness that few families escape such as anxiety or depression

Long term stress has been shown to cause internal inflammation which has been linked to a long list of both physiological and psychological disorders.

While a good dose of daily stress may seem like a good idea it depends on the type of stress & how long you’ve been under stress and strain.

Exercise  & holistic therapies are a good way of helping you overcome stress. When you are exercising, there are a lot of things and processes that take place inside of your body, your heart rate increases, your blood flows more freely and your brain releases endorphins that have been called ‘Stress Fighters’. All these factors can result in relieving stress.

The good news is that excess stress reduction methods are easy to learn and incorporate into your daily routine. So stress need not be your silent killer.The therapies we offer are all excellent at helping reduce stress contact us to find out which will suit you best. 07749931255

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