A treatment that effective when you feel stuck in life 

Receiving a Metamorphic session involves a gentle touch on specific areas of your body

1)feet which represent the direction you are taking in the world.

2)On your hands which correspond to how you are handling your life & your ability to cope

3)Head which is your central communication and planning.

The Metamorphic Technique.
Metamorphosis is all about letting go of how it used to be.
Energy is released , opening up possibilities for positive and creative change.
The  emphasis is on transformation from within rather than seeking to impose a change from without.
It is therefore a tool for empowerment.
It is so deeply relaxing it slows down the brain activity allowing you feel the space to think straight.
People are often drawn to this technique in times for difficulty.
We can feel stuck at a cross road not knowing which way to turn when life changing events happen such as career changes, moving house, divorce, bereavement or illness.
Each of us has natural abilities that we can connect with given the right environment.
The technique offers a unique approach to handling personal issues, whither they are physical, mental or emotional. these matters will influence how we are able to respond to every day life.
What happens ? 
Very light touch is applied to specific areas of your feet as well as corresponding areas on the Hands and head. It provides the environment within, which deeply rooted blockages can be loosened and released.  You let go of old ways of being and the way is clear for new growth and a more fulfilling life.
The gentle contact conveys an attitude of detachment  and under these conditions, the full life force of your energy is allowed to flow with complete freedom.
A safe, very relaxing space is provided where you can” just be”.
There is no need to take a case history, some people may wish to talk while some may wish to just silently  take time out while you have your treatment .
Pregnant Women can receive sessions with absolute safety as often as they wish. As diverse characteristics start to evolve in the time before birth, the technique can cerate a safer environment in the womb for the baby to develop.Both mother and unborn child benefit from the sense of well-being  and peace that arises from this work.
Children love it too
 Children love to have their feet done often for shorter periods of time.
Parents with young children visiting me are encouraged to share the session so that they can receive some instruction so that they continue to use the technique at home.
Many children who suffer various chronic disabilities or learning difficulties really enjoy & benefit receiving a session.
It is very gentle and undemanding, offering a pleasant & deeply relaxing experience.
Just Relax, Revive and Thrive.