Useful Herbs & Nutrition For Helping Tinnitus

There are many different herbs & nutrition supplements that help with tinnitus. As there are several different causes & types of tinnitus this means that there isn’t a universal solution that suits everyone. The level of noise & underlying causes of tinnitus can include, vertigo, sinus problems, blood pressure, over alertness to the natural noises the body makes, anxiety including our mood. Because of the individual nature of causes of tinnitus is also why holistic therapies are so effective as you’re treated as an individual.Contact us to find out which therapy is most suited to the type of tinnitus you have.

Listed below are some suggestion & for more advice go to an independent health food shop

  • Periwinkle, Hawthorn, Nettle, Ginkgo
  • Bach Flowers
  • Zinc
  • B12 or B complex
  • Bach Flower remedies

Action on Hearing Loss have useful publications  on tinnitus & we have provided workshop for their tinnitus support groups. We are a provider of therapies for Action on Hearing loss NI as they advocate stress relief as being an important part of coping with tinnitus. We can also teach self help techniques to sufferers & their family members putting you back in control of tinnitus rather that it controlling your life. To find out more about which of the  Bach Flower Remedies are of help click the link below for information.


Learning stress releasing techniques to help tinnitus

Learning stress releasing techniques to help your tinnitus symptoms


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