The Health and Wellbeing Company played host to employees from a number of companies in Belfast; letting them sample a range of stress reducing therapies and demonstrating that they have the answer to stress in the workplace.We can offer a variety of workplaces stress solutions.

Considering the damage that stress does to health, relationships and business, it makes sense from a personal, as well as a business perspective to provide a stress management service for employees and managers.

If employers don’t have in place, a service that tackles stress in the workplace; then they are leaving their employees to their own devices and when the stress becomes severe or unbearable your employees will end up with his or her GP and leave their doctor’s surgery with a prescription in one hand and a sick line in the other,this can be prevented.

The Health and Wellbeing Company are confident their stress management program, can prove cost effective and be of benefit to companies & their staff.Workplace stress can be more easily felt with than is often realised.

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