Do you get anxious at work? Bach Flower remedies can make a useful addition to your first aid kit.For me they are an essential part of my life. I don’t leave the house without them as I never know when these drops will come in handy for myself or for others. Anyone who is upset of any age will benefit from the Revival Remedy blend of 5 Bach Flowers & Star of Bethlehem will help with shock & anxiety.

There are 38 Bach Flower essences in total to help all our emotional needs.Taking the right combination of drops can also ease any physical pains & symptoms our emotional state has been causing.

Bach Flowers help in times of stress to help you maintain a calm mind as they gently melt away your fears.

For depression Gorse & Mimulus are the most commonly recommended drops. Gorse for ongoing depression & Mustard for when depression strikes out of the blue.They will both help even when you don’t know why your feeling depressed or low.

The sunshine yellow of Gorse Flowers

The sunshine yellow of Gorse Flowers








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