gentle relaxing back massage suitable for all health conditions

gentle relaxing back massage suitable for all health conditions


Raindrop Technique

Raindrop technique is a form of aromatherapy back massage which involves pure neat organic oils of exceptional quality. Raindrop Technique brings about balance within the physical,emotional & spiritual body. To assist your feelings of inner peace & allow release of what is no longer needed to allow personal growth and harmony. Raindrop Technique is particularly effective for back & spinal problems including injury, lingering fatigue, viral illnesses, ME and chronic pain. Once the back massage is complete you are wrapped in a warm cosy quilt as I work on your feet

“ The most luxurious & nurturing treatment I have ever experienced” Sam

Raindrop Oils:

White Angelica – used on the practitioner and recipient shoulders. It is a powerful protection and enhances auric field.

Valor – used on the hands of the practitioner which are placed on the feet of the recipient to balance electrical energies within the body.  Valor also helps structural alignment.

The following oils are then dropped in sequence from the base of the spine upwards and feathered into the skin:

Thyme – supports immune system by attacking bacteria, fungus, infection or virus which may be present.

Oregano – works in conjunction with Thyme and also aids respiratory system, helps balance metabolism and strengthens vital centres of the body.

Cypress – used for its anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, anti-microbial and diuretic properties. Aids circulatory and lymphatic system congestion.

Wintergreen – helps remove discomfort associated with inflammation of bones, muscles and joints.

Basil – relaxes spastic muscles and stimulates nerves and adrenal cortex.

Peppermint – reduces inflammation and aids respiratory conditions. It enhances the effects of the other oils.

Marjoram – relaxes spastic muscles, soothes nerves, relieves cramps, aches and pains and helps calm the respiratory system.

Aroma Siez – relaxing to spastic muscles.

Raindrop Technique is recognised and insured by Embody/CThA, IPTI and IFPA.

Client Comments
“ The most luxurious & nurturing treatment I have ever experienced” Sam
“I feel as if you have just put me back together again & better able to cope with the resent loss of my mother” GT Belfast
 Thank you, Mary Jane, for the almost indescribable therapy, that is your Raindrop Technique massage. It really is something else! I was in such a deep state of relaxation; I hadn’t and have not yet again experienced with other types of massage. I highly recommend it to anyone for the rejuvenation effects! You made me feel so at ease when discussing my stresses and life balancing-act! I really enjoyed talking with you. Inspiring Lady. Effective therapy. Great experience. (Hope to see you soon.) xx Carrie H


Raindrop Technique Weighed down by emotional baggage? 
The first step towards making positive ideas reality is to erase negative thoughts and attitudes. The Young Living Feelings Collection is designed to help release these emotions and ideas by providing the foundation for balancing energy, promoting forgiveness, and identifying oneself. Including six essential oil blends (5ml each) formulated by D. Gary Young, this kit promotes personal progression and helps you stay empowered and uplifted – everyday!

Valor – instils courage, confidence, and self-esteem
Harmony – promotes physical and emotional wellbeing by balancing the energy centres of the body
Forgiveness – supports you in overcoming emotional barriers by allowing you to let go of negative memories
Inner Child – helps reconnect with the inner self and stimulates memory response
Release – helps release anger to create emotional wellbeing
Present Time – empowers you to live in the moment and thus move forward


If  you would like to order any of these oil blends or to find out more contact Mary-Jane on 07749931255