The Health and Wellbeing Company

The Health & Wellbeing Company is for businesses and professionals who are looking to improve the Productivity, Re-Energise and Motivate  their staff by addressing the Health & Wellbeing needs of their employees.  Our flexible wellbeing packages provide stress reduction,  improved health & staff moral and it goes towards meeting your legal obligations to ensuring staff wellbeing. We are a not for profit company so by employing The Health & Wellbeing Company CIC you are also helping local the community.

We can also provide therapies for you as an individual from one of our Therapy room locations, get in touch for more details on our nearest location for you.

Unlike other Stress Management Providers, Our packages are provided in house and on a flexible ongoing basis 

Pay as you go packages are also available for staff that would like to re-energise their  own team .  
Productivity, performance, attendance, staff retention and morale are all affected when employees suffer from stress.  Mental health problems cost the Northern Ireland economy over £790 million every year.
 It makes good business sense to protect and promote the Mental Health & Wellbeing of your Employees. your most valuable asset . 
 We aim to educate companies and individuals about the effects of stress and provide solutions for stress management.
Re-Energise, Revive and Reflect with the Health and Wellbeing Company.